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Mini Burger Classics Bag
Our Original Mini Burger is unique in both value and quality, and makes a great party favor.

Individually wrapped Fried Eggs

Our fastest-growing bulk item is now available in individually wrapped pieces for perfect convenience. Peach-flavored, our Fried Eggs are made with real fruit juice.
theaterbox Lunch Theme Boxes
We've taken our popular bags of lunch-themed items and added theater-style boxes. You will find our Mini Burger, Hot Dog, Gummi Pizza, Cola Bottles and Sour Fries. Don't forget our Movie Box combination.       

About Us

Since first being introduced in 2002, the Mederer USA/e.frutti brand has become renowned for developing innovative products and flavors made using the same dedication to quality established when our parent company Mederer Group GmbH was first founded in Germany in 1947.

With our hearts in the past and our eyes toward the future, we have always adopted the latest technologies in our seven manufacturing facilities across the world. This commitment allows us to deliver a range of quality gummies that meet the most rigid production and food safety standards. All of our products are made using only the finest-quality ingredients in plants that are certified to the highest-levels of international food standards.

Mederer USA/e.frutti was the first manufacturer to offer truly novel gummi candies, including our Lunch Bag line of Mini Burgers, Hot Dogs and other equally inspired shapes. Never willing to rest on our laurels, we shall continue to develop gummies featuring innovative flavors and shapes, and we are always looking for ways to further improve our products.

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