Our Newest Items

newMini Burger Classics Bag
Our Original Mini Burger is unique in both value and quality, and makes a great party favor.

eggsIndividually wrapped Fried Eggs
Our fastest-growing bulk item is now available in individually wrapped pieces for perfect convenience. Peach-flavored, our Fried Eggs are made with real fruit juice.

theaterboxLunch Theme Boxes
We've taken our popular bags of lunch-themed items and added theater-style boxes. You will find our Mini Burger, Hot Dog, Gummi Pizza, Cola Bottles and Sour Fries. Don't forget our Movie Box combination.


Quality You Can Trust, Flavors You’ll Love

TeddyMederer USA/e.frutti is proud of its tradition of making high-quality, delicious gummies using time-honored production methods developed in Germany some 66 years ago.

The company's long-standing reputation for delivering the best-tasting and most innovative new products means we offer truly original shapes, such as Gummi Bear-Rings and Fried Eggs. What's more, our flavors are spot-on and you will marvel how we matched our cheesecake gummies and watermelon slices.

Our company motto of being "the home of great-tasting quality gummi candy" means are are truly committed to going above and beyond to produce the finest gummies possible.